Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific - APAC - is the term which defines one of the commercial macro-areas in which world markets are divided, i.e., the one that starts in India, includes the Far East and ends in Oceania.
For purposes of planning business penetration strategies and subsequent operational development, we usually divide the Asia Pacific macro area into areas we believe to be more commercially homogeneous such as:
1) India 2) Far East 3) China 4) Japan and Korea 5) Australia and New Zealand
Each presents different aspects to be evaluated in the light of the specificity of the product to be exported.

Facts and Numbers

Facts and Numbers

The Asian economy, until recently a satellite of developed Western economies, is increasingly more independent and focused on the expansion of its local market; analysts all agree in forecasting strong growth in domestic consumption, both due to the effect of rising individual incomes and as a result of the huge investments expected in infrastructures.
It is estimated that 75% of world growth between now and 2020 will come from these regions.
At the end of this document are a number of files which anyone wanting to obtain details of prospects and forecasts for the area can download.

  • Asian Development Outlook 2018
  • Asia Outlook 2016 - Asian Development Bank
  • Regional Outlook 2016 - ScotiaBank
  • Asia Pacific Outlook - IMF
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