Case Histories

Some business cases tackled by senior partners in the course of their career.

Fiberglass and Composite Fabrics

The company, a well-known manufacturer of fabrics in fibreglass and other composite materials, was in a pre-bankruptcy condition.
The company was restructured by implementing the following measures:
- creating a cost accounting able to identify the margins of the various products and thereby properly direct the sales network;
- customer selection, eliminating those deemed financially unreliable;
- sidelining of national suppliers, and procurement of raw material directly from Chinese suppliers;
- internal reorganization.
The speedily implemented measures made a profit margin possible from the very first business year and the company soon reached a high bank rating.
After four years, the company was sold back to its former owners.

Agri Hi Tech Components

The customer company had made occasional sales in the Asia Pacific area and had a poor knowledge of the local markets but was determined to increase its presence significantly.
After a preliminary analysis, a plan was implemented spanning a two-year period, which entailed visits to trade-fairs and contacts with dealers and customers in China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, India and Vietnam .
Agency agreements and dealerships were entered into in China, New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam and Israel. In India a representative office was opened.
Historical sales in the area increased by 300% from year one.

Raw Foodstuff

For leading companies in the trade of food commodities, the management was conducted of procurement markets, suppliers and partnerships in China (Yunnan, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Fujian, Liaoning, Shanghai) and Vietnam, with an annual turnover of approximately € 30 million.    

Plastic Moulding

The project originated from a serious crisis (which later led to bankruptcy) which jeopardized the continuity of supplies to a major customer.
On behalf of the customer, a new company was set up that took over the company and a complete restructuring project began. The company was put back on its feet and quickly reached a high level of profitability with double-digit EBITDA.

Wood Windows

This well-established manufacturer of wooden doors and windows, with about 100 employees, was taken over following bankruptcy proceedings after a stop in activity lasting about six months.
Corporate restructuring affected all business areas, allowing the achievement of a balanced budget after 21 months and positive financial statements throughout the subsequent management period.

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