Crisis Management

Companies sometimes have to tackle difficult moments, moments when corporate organization has to be completely revamped.
Extraordinary situations requiring skills the company is lacking.
Situations in which solutions are made easier if presented and implemented by persons other than those who run routine business activities and will still have to do so in future.


Company crisis situations are unfortunately the most common cause of crisis management measures.
Such situations require special skills, of the management but also of the legal and financial type, as well as specific experience.
In addition to expertise, furthermore, from a psychological and environmental viewpoint, "external" intervention is recommended with respect to ordinary management; the difficult conditions which permeate these situations should not therefore be underestimated; these have implication of a very significant human nature which do not allow clear, correct and effective action with respect to all the stakeholders (employees, suppliers, banks) and which, instead, our senior partners are accustomed to managing.

Generational Handover

The passing of the corporate torch from one generation to another is a delicate moment in the life of a company.
The intervention of an external manager as a "tutor" ensures a smooth transition and represents a chance to train new recruits.

What we can do for you

The actions vary depending on the needs and business objectives and are:  
The traditional intervention counseling to day or project.  
Temporary Management
An intervention of greater importance, typically functional area or project, aimed at reorganizing an industry, as a tutor to support an internal resource for training, etc.  
Temporary Equity Partnership
It is a complete managerial intervention with equity participation and output according to pre-established times and values related to future financial results.

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