Every day we use the word “export” for convenience and out of habit but it would be more correct to speak of internationalization.
It is an undisputed fact that a feature common to those companies which have developed successfully over the last 15 years has been internationalization.
Building a global sales network must be a primary goal.
But purchases too can and should be made on those markets which offer the most favourable conditions, in order to gain a competitive edge.

Strategic Choice

We often say that the French or the Americans are not as clever product-wise but achieve greater success through better market penetration skills.
This is not a cliché, it's true.
Entrepreneurs seeking a future for their companies should take note and have the humility and determination to invest in the commercial sector.
Strategically, the main business development factor today is export-market penetration.

Not for everyone

It is as well to make clear that the export market is not something for everyone; selling abroad takes 3 non-negotiable requirements: whoever says otherwise is deceiving you.

Adequate entrepreneurial mindset
The first requirement is an open mind – the desire to address new cultures and markets and a willingness to adapt, whenever necessary, products and organization to the demands of "new customers".   
For an export strategy to achieve results takes time.   
Investments are needed to sell abroad.

Asia Pacific, the center of the world growth

Asia Pacific, the center of the world growth

The part of ​​the world in which we have the greatest expertise is the most promising in the world: the Asia-Pacific area.
Unanimously considered by analysts to be the development driver of coming years, this area has a mix of economies, from very advanced to others still in the initial development stage, with over 3 billion consumers, mostly young and with rising incomes. Impossible to disregard them.
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Poland is the east-European country which has most benefited from the collapse of the wall.
Being the engine of change, its market size and the good level of the workforce are the factors which have contributed to making Poland the most important country in eastern Europe.
Our partner, Marzena, is Polish. She is a law graduate and is able to provide you with comprehensive assistance as regards on-site relations and development.

What we can do for you

We assist companies throughout the internationalization process, or with regard to a number of specific aspects only, depending on their needs.
Services are tailored according to the goals to be achieved, products, the company's organizational level, time factors and the budget assigned to the project.

The first step is always the study of product potential in the area and the identification of the most promising countries. Thanks to our local network, this stage is resolved rather quickly. If appropriate/necessary, a market survey is made.
This is followed by the identification of the most suitable trade-fairs in the various countries to be visited (or in which to take part) to develop contacts useful for the creation of a sales network: in Asia more than in other places, this is crucial; first you build relations, then you do business. What is more, direct relations also help identify potential partners - the reality of a company is often very different from its website!
Management of the Sales Network is the last, possible step for those companies without an in-house export department; it can be a strategic choice or a temporary solution while waiting for growth in volumes.

Through our local network we can find the provider able to meet your needs (even for limited quantities) and monitor the quality of supplies.

3 billion clients

A huge market holding the world's biggest potential

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