Many Italian companies boast technological and product know-how and a brand which has been present on the market for decades. This could be a heritage of great interest to Asian companies, to get:
- a technological expertise together with the experience and attention to the details in the product that are tipically italian;
- a gate into the european market;
- a valued brand to use worldwide to improve the perception of quality from the customers.
A partnership with an Italian player can be a solution for you, think about it, the big players are moving this way.    

What's Going On

A major move towards consolidation is under way between European and Asian companies. In 2015, Italy was the second European destination for Chinese investments.  
Chinese investments in Europe in 2014 reached the record figure of 18 billion dollars, and Italy was the second country of continental destination, with 3.5 billion dollars of investment, behind the Great Britain (M & A, China accelerates in Italy - Il Sole 24 ORE 06/22/2015).
Some articles which have addressed the topic:
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Bloomberg: Italy Becomes China Favorite Place for Deals
ChinaDaily: China goes Italian

What we can do

We can find potential target companies, with confidential negotiations, carry out an accounting due diligence and operational analysis, assist in post-acquisition management. 
The big groups make use of international law firms or consulting firms with costs that are prohibitive for medium/ small enterprises, I4D is able to provide a top-quality comprehensive assistance service to international acquisitions at costs consistent with the scale of operations.
Moreover, "Three-quarters of the investee companies, recalls Professor Marco Mutinelli, a professor at Brescia university and in charge of the database, are located in Northern Italy, 95 in Lombardy (in practice, 40% of the total); followed by Veneto with 32 companies, Lazio and Piedmont both with 20 and Emilia-Romagna with 14. "(Il Sole 24 ORE - cit.).
I4D is headquartered in Mantova, in the center of northern Italy, in a strategic position between Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia Romagna, where most of the target companies are located. 

3 billion clients

A huge market holding the world's biggest potential

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